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  • BBC Olive magazine review “Quick Crêpes traditional mix is based on an authentic French recipe and contains buckwheat, which gives it the classic crêpe texture and flavour. Just add water, mix and start flipping!”

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This made pancake day a dream experience for me! I have tried many mixtures but this is the absolute best for flavour, ease of making and really adaptable to any filling or topping you want. It was so good I am ordering more - this mix is not just for pancake day in my house! Thank you!

Kaye B - Essex

Wow, very impressed with this mix. Extremely easy to use, and the taste and consistency are both great. Have recommended to friends, and will definitely buy again.

Michael DK - Wiltshire

Bought this for the kids (pre-teens) they love being able to make their own pancakes and very easily (just add water).
Everyone likes the taste. I've already ordered more!

RDS - London

The crepe mix is very easy to prepare and makes delicious crepes. I made sweet fruit crepes for Saturday breakfast and savoury cheese and Parma ham crepes for lunch, and then we had egg and bacon crepes for Sunday breakfast!

Jonathan B - Edinburgh

Having tried numerous mixtures never made a proper crepe!! That is until tried this one, makes crepes just like you’d buy from a stall or cafe :-)

Paul W - Manchester

Using our crepe mix at home

Woman pouring crepe batter onto a crepe machine with a ladle

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