Frequently asked questions

Why should I choose your crêpe mix?

The BBC recommended our crêpe mix in their food magazine Olive. It's been sold in Harrods, Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason, and Lakeland.

We have provided crêpes for many years for companies like Mercedes and Peugeot, as well as for film stars and various film launches.

We also export our crêpe mix worldwide.

Surely they can’t taste as good as crêpes made with fresh ingredients?

We did some blind tasting tests and found that over 80% of people preferred our crêpes to ones made with fresh ingredients following a recipe by Delia Smith. It’s all the other stuff we add (all natural of course!) which gives our crêpes their great taste and texture.

Plus places using fresh ingredients cannot guarantee consistency or even that there won’t be any egg shells in their crêpes!

Are all the ingredients natural?

All our crêpe mix is made by our lovely manufacturers under the strictest conditions and we ensure that every ingredient that goes in is natural.

Is your crêpe mix suitable for both sweet and savoury crêpes?

Yes, our secret recipe was developed to be perfect for any filling, even liqueur!

Within our secret recipe we include a small portion of buckwheat to give it the traditional French flavour and just as importantly, the texture.

How do I make the crêpe batter?

At home, using a frying pan, add 300ml water to 125g crêpe mix and whisk together.

For crêpe machines, add 1.6 litres of water to 1kg of crêpe mix and whisk together. 

That’s it! No oil, milk or eggs need to be added, just ordinary tap water. 

We can provide batter bottle to make the procedure even easier if you like.

How many crêpes can I make with a kilo of Quick Crêpes crêpe mix?

At home using a 20cm frying pan, you should make about 40 to 48 crêpes per kilo.

For crêpe machines you should make between 16 to 18 crêpes per kilo. 

Other brands may claim they can get more per kilo but their crêpes tend to watery and tasteless. It is important that quality is always maintained, so don’t skimp.

Are crêpes just basically pancakes?

No, our crêpes are so much more.

A pancake in England is generally bland tasting and it's no wonder that people only want them once a year!

Our crêpes have a delicious scent that makes customers almost want to eat them on their own – in fact many of our customers like the edges of our crêpes best. Of course, with our crêpes you can add whatever fantastic fillings you fancy and be confident that our crêpes will complement their flavours.

Can I precook your crêpes?

You can do this, and in some of our very busiest outlets we do this, such as in Universities. However bear in mind that your customers will be losing the theatre of making crêpes which so many people enjoy

Can I use your mix to make crêpes at home?

Yes, our crêpe mix is perfect for home use. You will need a much thinner batter so that it spreads over a frying pan; to make sufficient crêpes for two people add 300ml of water to 125g crêpe mix, or for larger quantities add 2.4 litres of water to 1kg of crêpe mix.

Do you offer discounts?

We can offer discounts if you are buying in bulk – send us an email letting us know how much you are selling per month.

I want to open my own crêperie

You have come to the right place!

We can help you with our simple franchise model – we will provide the design, training and menus.

Our method is the cleanest and most efficient way to make consistent crêpes, and we keep all our procedures simple so that people can pick up our methods quickly.

Then best of all once you are up and running there are no on-going fees, just buy our fantastic crêpe mix!

I already operate a crêperie, can I buy your mix?

You can, we allow other operators to use our crêpe mix; we supply many independent outlets and hotels. Anywhere you have been and thought how good the crêpe was, the chances are it was one of ours!

Where is the best place to buy equipment, mix and accessories?

We assist with all aspects of operating a crêpe outlet.

Do you sell crêpe stations?

We manufacture these to our own specification, and has its own integrated Nutella warmers, chilled crêpe batter trough, sneezeguard, driptray, plate stands and recesses for the spreader and oil dabber. They are sized to house two Krampouz 40cm professional crêpe machines.

How do I use and look after my crêpe machine?

When you have new crêpe machine you will need to season it by oiling and then making a crêpe which should then be discarded. Repeat about three or four times until you get a nice bronzed hue on the hotplates.

For general use set the temperature to 220C during quiet periods and turn it up to 240C when you build up a queue.

We recommend you use a scraper on the hotplates once they get some residue attached to them. We sell griddle stones but these should not be used too aggressively since it can remove the seasoning in the hotplates that helps with making the crêpes.

I want to start a mobile crêpe business; do you have any advice?

This is how Quick Crêpes began – we built up the largest fleet of mobile crêperies in Europe.

It is hard work but can be extremely rewarding, however it is important to be sure you have sufficient sites before investing in any equipment. We regularly attended all the Royal Shows, Badminton Horse Trials and even had crêperies at Live8 – you will have an exciting time and meet some great people; good luck!