Pallet of Luxury Crêpe Mix (1 tonne)

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The cheapest option for hotels, outside caterers and chains

  • Available in 4 x 3.5kg boxes, or our very cheapest option - in large 12.5kg bags
  • The only commercial Crêpe Mix to get a Gold Star at the Great Taste Awards, granted by the Guild of Fine Food - this genuinely is a luxury product!
  • Just add water; does not need any additional oil, eggs or milk
  • Suitable for sweet, savoury and liqueur crêpes
  • Makes 15 - 18 large crêpes per kg (up to 65 crêpes per 3.5kg bag)
  • Large gross profits
  • Made with all natural ingredients
  • Once water is added, the batter keeps for 1 day in refrigerator (store in our batter bottles)
  • Only crêpe mix to be praised by the BBC
  • In a taste test, 80% of consumers preferred our crêpes to ones made using a Delia Smith recipe
  • Authentic fresh French pancake taste and texture
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Our bags are air-tight and rigorously checked at all stages during blending
  • 15 months shelf life
  • Quick Crepes are Winners of the Best Ready Made Product category in the Great British Food Awards
  • Made in the UK
  • Delivery will be on pallet