Waffle Wonders: Unleash Irresistible Recipes!

Welcome to Quick Crepes' Waffle Wonders – where breakfast becomes an adventure! Transform your mornings with our luxury mix and dive into these punchy, flavour-packed waffle recipes.

Section 1: The Perfect Waffle Base

Ingredients: Quick Crepes Waffle Mix, water

Instructions: Combine mix with water, whisk until smooth. Pour onto a preheated waffle iron and cook until golden brown - savour the comforting, sweet malty aroma!

Section 2: Classic Elegance – Traditional Bliss

Ingredients: Quick Crepes Waffle Mix, maple syrup, whipped cream, fresh berries

Instructions: Make waffles using the mix, top with maple syrup, whipped cream, and fresh berries. Enjoy the classic breakfast bliss.

Section 3: Decadent Delights – Chocolate Lover's Extravaganza

Ingredients: Quick Crepes Waffle Mix, cocoa powder, chocolate sauce, chopped nuts

Instructions: Mix cocoa into the waffle batter. Cook waffles and drizzle with chocolate sauce, sprinkle with chopped nuts for the ultimate chocolate lover's treat. Great with vanilla ice cream!

Section 4: Tropical Paradise – Coconut Pineapple Fiesta

Ingredients: Quick Crepes Waffle Mix, coconut flakes, pineapple chunks

Instructions: Add coconut flakes to the batter. Cook waffles and top with pineapple chunks. Transport yourself to a tropical paradise.

Section 5: Beyond Breakfast – Ice Cream Sandwich Extravaganza

Ingredients: Quick Crepes Waffle Mix, your favourite ice cream

Instructions: Cook waffles, let them cool. Create a sandwich with your favorite ice cream flavour between two waffles. Indulge in a sweet, crispy delight.


Quick Crepes' Waffle Wonders are quick, easy, and bursting with flavour. Elevate your breakfast routine and beyond with our versatile waffle mix. Ready to make mornings extraordinary? Happy waffle making!

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