With over 25 years of experience, we want to help you get started with your own crêperie, whether it’s a simple stand-alone kiosk or a 100-seater restaurant.

Getting up and running

We provide full training as well as use of our branding and access to our ancillary products such as waffles, ice cream, shakes, smoothies, organic soups and our triple-certified coffee.

Once you are up and running there are no ongoing fees. You just use our products, and these will offer you an average 70% gross profit margin across the menu range. Don’t worry if designing isn’t your thing – we will send Lynn our lovely store designer to your site and we will produce a full design. And guess what – this service is included for free in the franchise fee! We will then quote you a price for us to manufacture and install, or you are free to use your own shopfitters using our design and specifications. We can additionally provide free ice-cold Slush Puppie machines and lease out our red-hot coffee machines.

Our equipment and stores have been created by people who have served crêpes for many years, meaning that everything is designed to make it easy for you to serve, manage and clean. Our unique crêpe stations include a Nutella warmer (an essential, we promise) to make it easier and quicker to produce these perennial favourites, as well as some free crêpe mix to get you well on your way to crêpe-making success!

Our Outlets

Our company owns two brands, Quick Crêpes and Maple Moose, and we have over 20 busy sites operating within the UK, Ireland and the Middle East. Last year we opened our first licensed store also selling French wines and ciders with more opening in the coming year. If you have a store site available to you and you want to join us on an enjoyable journey then our Franchise Manager Russell would love to hear from you!