Our Mix

This Traditional Crêpe Mix is based on an authentic French recipe and contains buckwheat, which gives it the classic crêpe texture and flavour. Just add water, mix and get flipping.

Our Crêpe Mix

A few things you might want to know about our crêpe mix;

  • They’re so easy to make! Just add water – no faffing about with oil, eggs or flavouring.
  • Perfect for sweet and savoury crêpes; in a frying pan or for your business on professional crêpe machines.
  • Don’t tell Delia but in a taste test, 80% of consumers preferred our crêpes to ones made using a Delia Smith recipe. Shh!
  • The addition of buckwheat to our mix makes it nutritious and generates the authentic French texture that makes a crêpe so much better than its rather plain sister; the pancake.
  • Just like Aretha Franklin, we’re all natural! Our ingredients are fresh and there are no mischievous additives lurking within…
  • Our mix is made in and distributed from the UK but we’re nice enough to share it with French and Belgian crêperies (and maybe you too!)
  • As sold in posh places like Harrods, Fortnum & Mason and Selfridges.
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